Wise Tracer
enhances and streamlines your
QA process

How does our +10 Years of QA Experience meets Wise Tracer?

Over the past decade, Etiqa has collaborated with American startups and enterprise companies in the Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Digital Therapeutics sectors to develop custom and tailored IT products.

Why have we created Wise Tracer for companies?

Our engagement has been marked by stringent legal mandates, emphasizing the challenges of comprehensive testing and meticulous documentation management. Even with the implementation of the most robust quality processes, these tasks remain labor-intensive and time-consuming.

What Wise Tracer does to improve and streamline the QA process: 

  • 󰋚
    Requirement history 
  • 󰕥
    Risk Management 
  • 󰇉
    Test plan formulation
  • 󰿘
    Test Protocol execution
  • 󱔗
    Documentation generation
But that's not all Wise Tracer does!
It also empowers you to maintain meticulous records and trace any information with ease, enabling thorough backward analysis of your digital product.