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Top 10 Healthcare Startups redefining Digital Therapeutics at Frontiers Health 2023

November 23, 2023

Frontiers Health 2023 brought together pioneers and disruptors in the digital health space.

During the conference held in Rome, we at Etiqa actively participated in the event's startup sessions, where 34 groundbreaking startups were showcased. Among them, we identified and selected the top 10 Healthcare startups that stood out for their innovative contributions, particularly in the realm of Digital Therapeutics (DTx).

Indeed, this selection highlights the industry's transformative journey towards digital therapeutics and personalized Healthcare solutions. The chosen startups exemplify innovation, compassion, and a commitment to improving the well-being of individuals worldwide. 

Want to learn more about which are the 10 most interesting and promising startups according to Etiqa? Read on!

Newel Health

Newel Health represents a novel category of companies dedicated to developing and commercializing clinically validated digital medicine and digital therapeutics solutions. With a strong focus on well-designed and technologically advanced solutions, Newel Health's proprietary software framework, H.Core, supports products like Amicomed and Soturi. These offerings aim to address hypertension control and provide digital services for people with Parkinson's Disease.

Hale Community

Hale is a platform dedicated to helping women with chronic pelvic pain improve their daily, mental, and sexual health. By providing personalized psychology and sexology pathways, Hale aims to create awareness, cultural change, and daily support for individuals suffering from conditions like vulvodynia and endometriosis.

Hale - Frontiers Health 2023


Prosoma is at the forefront of redefining mental health care in oncology through digital innovation. Their portfolio of digital therapeutics products covers the behavioral treatment needs of cancer patients, offering personalized support throughout the patient journey. Prosoma's platform, developed by medical experts and patients, aims to become the global leader in digital therapeutics for oncology.


TrainPain focuses on helping people with complex pain syndromes unlock the potential of neuroplasticity training. Through science-based digital products, TrainPain integrates wearable hardware with personalized sensory training games, promoting brain health and reducing pain-related hypersensitivity in the nervous system.

Nia Health

Nia Health develops end-to-end solutions for personalized patient support in dermatology and allergology. Their Digital Therapeutics (DTx) combine clinical validation with gamification and machine learning, offering indication-specific solutions tailored to individual patient needs.

Nia - The Eczema App


Mika is a certified medical product for cancer patients, providing personalized monitoring and coaching throughout the therapy journey. With a holistic platform covering various aspects of cancer treatment, Mika's team, consisting of interdisciplinary healthcare enthusiasts, aims to empower individuals affected by cancer.


Fimo focuses on fatigue-related conditions and has developed a CE-certified medical device app for multiple sclerosis, ME/CFS, and Long Covid. The app collects data, offers symptom management analyses, and provides valuable assistance, tips, and tricks to proactively manage symptoms in everyday life.


Vitadio empowers individuals to take control of their health through AI-driven lifestyle modification for type 2 diabetes. Their prescription digital therapeutics app is approved for support in diabetes treatment and is fully covered by health insurers, aligning with Vitadio's vision to help patients live free of chronic conditions.

Vitadio's DTx App

Kahun Medical

Kahun Medical, a digital health startup, utilizes a proprietary AI engine to map evidence-based medical knowledge. Their comprehensive clinical assessment chatbot, based on real-time insights, saves time for physicians, offering a gold-standard clinical assessment for each patient.


Yonalink caught our attention with its revolutionary approach to Electronic Data Capture (EDC). An open integration system, Yonalink's next-generation EDC simplifies workflows, reduces site burden, and maximizes the value of clinical data streamed from different sources. Specializing in clinical trial data management, Yonalink's technology securely automates the transfer of up-to-date patient data from electronic health records to electronic data capture systems. Their SaaS solution aims to elevate speed, quality, and efficiency in global clinical trial operations, simplifying data collection and validation for scalable processes.

As these pioneers continue to shape the future of Healthcare, Etiqa remains at the forefront, embracing and supporting advancements that redefine the way we approach health and wellness.

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