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Interview with Martina Rucco Pittaccio - Etiqa's Project Manager

January 18, 2024

Martina Rucco Pittaccio, Digital Project Manager at Etiqa, offers insights into her role, shedding light on the delicate balance required to meet customer needs while efficiently managing internal teams and resources. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, Martina discusses the challenges she faces, successful project management strategies, and the dynamic culture that makes Etiqa an exciting workplace. In this interview, Martina provides a glimpse into her dynamic role.

How would you describe your role as a Project Manager at Etiqa and what is your involvement in internal projects and client relationships?

As a Digital Project Manager at Etiqa, my role revolves around overseeing and coordinating digital projects and strategic partnerships within our software house. I play a key role in internal projects by managing teams and resources efficiently. In terms of client relationships, I serve as a bridge between our clients and internal teams, ensuring effective communication and alignment with project goals. My responsibilities include project planning, execution, and delivering solutions that meet both client expectations and internal standards.

In your role, how do you balance the need to meet customer requirements with the internal management of teams and resources?

Balancing customer requirements with internal management involves a dynamic approach. I prioritize clear and open communication between clients and teams, ensuring that client expectations are understood and relayed effectively. Simultaneously, I work closely with internal teams to optimize resource allocation, keeping in mind project timelines and objectives. Regular team meetings and feedback loops help balance client needs and internal resource management harmoniously.

Martina Rucco Pittaccio and Fabio Pulvirenti - CEO of Etiqa - at Frontiers Health 2023

What approach do you take to support clients in the creation of customized and cutting-edge end-to-end solutions that meet their business needs? 

I adopt a collaborative and contributive approach with clients, emphasizing empathy and a deep understanding of their business needs. By actively involving clients in the project development process, I ensure their vision is translated into customized, cutting-edge solutions. Regular feedback sessions and iterative reviews allow for adjustments, guaranteeing the final product aligns seamlessly with their objectives. Building strong client relationships based on trust and transparency is integral to the success of these collaborative endeavors.

What strategies or project management methodologies do you find particularly effective in the specific context of Etiqa?

At Etiqa, I find Agile project management methodologies particularly effective. Agile promotes adaptability, collaboration, and iterative development, which aligns well with the dynamic nature of our projects. It allows our internal teams to respond quickly to changing client needs, fosters teamwork and ensures a streamlined workflow. Regular stand-up meetings and sprint reviews enhance communication and transparency, contributing to the overall success of our projects.

What are the main daily challenges in your work, and how do you address them to ensure project success?

Daily challenges often involve balancing multiple tasks, managing unforeseen issues, and maintaining effective communication. To address these challenges, I prioritize a proactive and transparent communication strategy. Regular check-ins with teams help identify and resolve issues promptly. Additionally, I emphasize flexibility in project plans, allowing for adjustments when needed. By fostering a collaborative and adaptable work environment, we can successfully navigate daily challenges and ensure project success.

Martina Rucco Pittaccio at Conn@ctions 2023

Could you share an example of a particularly challenging project that you have successfully managed, and what lessons have you learned from that experience?

One of the most intricate projects I successfully managed was the development of a second version of a streaming platform. The complexity arose from the need to synchronize all planned activities with the release of new features seamlessly. Coordinating multiple tasks and ensuring they aligned with feature releases without causing any service disruptions presented a significant challenge. The key lesson learned from this experience was the critical importance of proactive communication and adaptability. Maintaining open lines of communication with both the internal team and stakeholders was essential in addressing issues promptly. 

In your opinion, what essential skills should a Project Manager possess to be successful in a company like Etiqa?

A successful Project Manager at Etiqa should possess strong communication and interpersonal skills to facilitate collaboration between clients and internal teams. Adaptability and flexibility are crucial in the dynamic digital landscape. Effective leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making skills are essential to guide teams through challenges. Additionally, a deep understanding of Agile methodologies and a proactive approach to project management contribute to overall success.

Why do you enjoy working at Etiqa?

Working at Etiqa is a source of immense satisfaction due to its dynamic and collaborative culture that encourages innovation. The emphasis on teamwork resonates with my belief in collective success. I'm particularly excited about my upcoming role, which will involve spearheading strategic partnerships, a new role that not only aligns with my passion for growth but also reflects Etiqa's commitment to recognizing and fostering talent within the organization. Overall, the dynamic environment and the supportive team make Etiqa an exciting and fulfilling workplace for me as a Digital Project and future Partnership Manager.

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