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Frontiers Health 2023 spotlight: an Interview with Filippo Rossi of Exploris Health

November 10, 2023

In the bustling arena of Healthcare innovations, one company is making waves with its groundbreaking approach to early disease detection and personalized diagnostics. Exploris Health, represented by Filippo Rossi, the Head of Partnering and Sales, is at the forefront of leveraging Artificial Intelligence to transform the Healthcare landscape. Etiqa had the privilege of interviewing Filippo Rossi on the occasion of Exploris Health's participation in the Frontiers Health 2023 event in Rome. 

Overview of Exploris Health

Exploris Health is on a mission to revolutionize healthcare by launching AI-driven algorithms as medical devices. Specializing in the early identification of cardiovascular diseases and tumors, the company's flagship product, Cardio Explorer, stands out for its exceptional accuracy (0.87 AUROC) in detecting Coronary Artery Disease, a leading cause of heart attacks and strokes.

Frontiers Health 2023 participation

Exploris Health's presence at Frontiers Health 2023 is driven by a commitment to open innovation and collaboration. Filippo Rossi shares, "We are seeking partnerships for the launch of our AI-driven algorithm pipeline, covering Prostate Cancer early detection, Breast Cancer survival prediction, and therapy guidance, as well as optimizing medication dosage for Chronic Heart Failure." Additionally, the company is actively looking for collaboration in commercializing their Cardio Explorer supported by three peer-reviewed publications.

Impactful solutions: the Cardio Explorer diagnostic algorithm

Highlighting the positive impact of Exploris Health's solutions on patient outcomes, Rossi shares a compelling case study. The Cardio Explorer diagnostic algorithm successfully identified artery blockages in patients who went undiagnosed with traditional techniques, enabling timely interventions such as stent implantation to prevent heart attacks.

Embracing AI and emerging technologies

In discussing key trends and emerging technologies in Healthcare, Rossi emphasizes the transformative potential of AI algorithms-as-a-medical-device. He sees these technologies as catalysts for improving decision-making speed, streamlining processes, and enabling patient-centric care. Exploris Health, at the forefront of this revolution, combines various AI models, including deep neural networks, fuzzy logic, and evolutionary networks, to develop high-precision algorithms that set the standard for personalized diagnostics.

The role of AI and Data Analytics in Healthcare's future

Looking ahead, Rossi envisions a future where AI and Data Analytics play a pivotal role in Healthcare. He believes these technologies will not only enhance the quality and speed of decision-making in primary care and chest-pain units, but also empower patients to take control of their health conditions, facilitating homecare. Exploris Health's commitment to leveraging AI technology positions them as a key player in shaping this transformative future.

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