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Health Innovations: the success of Frontiers Health 2023

November 21, 2023

Frontiers Health 2023, the renowned international conference dedicated to innovation in Healthcare and Life Sciences, has recently captivated over a thousand participants from approximately 50 countries in Rome. The event reaffirmed Italy's leading role in the development of Healthcare technologies, providing a unique stage for companies in the sector, Insurance companies, innovative hubs, investment funds, startups, and professionals.

Digital Therapies and Scientific Innovations: global perspectives

The stage of Frontiers Health 2023 was dominated by key themes encompassing the evolution of digital therapies, regulatory scenarios, and innovations in biomedical research. These insights positioned Italy as a pioneer in the development of advanced solutions, placing it at the forefront of creating a global digital healthcare future. The conference offered a comprehensive overview of global perspectives, emphasizing the crucial role of Italy in guiding the discussion and practice towards a more digitized and accessible healthcare system.

Roberto Ascione

Healthware Group CEO Roberto Ascione also emphasized the importance of the "digital frontier" in transforming the Healthcare sector. He highlighted the profound impact of digital transformation not only on technologies but also on processes, methodologies, training, and validation. Ascione underscored the unexplored potential of digital therapies, showcasing the emergence of Italian startups embracing this direction.

Global Startups: Leading the Future of Healthcare

A significant chapter of the conference was dedicated to startups, which shone in presenting cutting-edge digital solutions. The emerging enterprises not only captured the attention of investors and industry leaders but are also setting new standards in the landscape of digital therapies. Their presence mapped out the perspectives of the future of healthcare, paving the way for collaborations and synergies that will shape how we conceive and implement digital therapies in the coming years.

The summit highlighted the need for partnerships among startups, research groups, and companies to integrate innovation into the patient care process.

Marcello Cattani, President of Farmindustria, anticipated that digitalization in the Healthcare sector would be even more revolutionary, with projections of allocating 1.6 trillion dollars in the next 5 years.

National Recovery and Resilience Plan: Accelerating Digital Healthcare in Italy

Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci emphasized the central role of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) in accelerating digitization and innovation in Healthcare. With a positive outlook for Italy in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Health Tech, the country is gaining international recognition as a leader in adopting digital Healthcare solutions. The effective implementation of the PNRR marks a decisive step towards a more advanced, sustainable, and efficient Digital Healthcare system for the benefit of the Italian population and beyond.

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