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Celebrating Etiqa's 10th Anniversary with Fabio Pulvirenti: a one-on-one interview

January 12, 2024

Ten years ago, a dream took flight. Etiqa was not just founded, it was nurtured from a vision deeply rooted in Fabio Pulvirenti, Founder and CEO of Etiqa: to create software that transcends mere delivery standards, to craft solutions that we could pour hearts and souls into.

Today, as we stand at this 10-year milestone, we can witness how Etiqa has grown from a humble dream into a beacon of hope and excellence, a symbol of our dedication to not just meeting client needs but passionately evolving with them.

From a small, spirited team, we've blossomed into a robust family of developers, QA talents, designers, and professionals, who have made excellence in Software Development an ongoing pursuit of passion and perfection.

From our first project to our 400th, we've expanded our horizons, always weaving quality, transparency, and client-centric dedication into the fabric of our solutions.

We asked Fabio Pulvirenti to retrace some of the most significant stages of Etiqa's history, from its founding to the present, investigating above all what were the motivations behind the founding of Etiqa, with what values and goals, and what instead are the prospects for the future and the future of the Etiqers team, which for 10 years now has been working with passion and professionalism, while maintaining some healthy fun and a pinch of craziness that are somewhat the glues of this great little family.

The evolution of Etiqa's logo

How did the idea of founding Etiqa come about? What were your initial ambitions when you started this venture?

Before founding Etiqa on January 10th, 2014, I worked in various roles including software development, quality assurance, and product manager. My guiding principle was always to create software not just to meet delivery standards, but also to craft something I could be truly proud of. However, achieving this standard of excellence was challenging until I assembled a like-minded team. Etiqa emerged from the desire to produce software that not only meets client needs but continuously evolves with them. This dream became a reality with a dedicated team of developers, quality assurance professionals, and designers who share a passion for excellence and pride in their work.

Looking back, what have been the most significant moments in Etiqa's journey so far? Are there milestones that you recall with particular pride?

When you are thinking about a journey, you may think of a linear process from A to B, but that wasn’t the Etiqa journey! We have had a lot of twists and turns, but the only thing we have never changed is the idea that Etiqa is a company made of people, different people, with different cultures but connected by the same ideals: put people first. 

This is why the most significant moments related to Etiqa - the ones that make you cry or smile - are always connected to all the people who have worked in Etiqa and who are currently working here. The Etiqers, this is what I’m proud of!

Fabio Pulvirenti, CEO of Etiqa, and Martina Rucco, Project Manager

Could you share a success story or a project that you consider exemplary of Etiqa's work?

I will always recall the first big project we worked on in Etiqa: building a Tournament Event Management System based in node.js and backbone… it was 2014 back then! When we launched in San Antonio ​​(Texas, USA), we had more than 1000 registered players at the Grand Prix in San Antonio in 2014, I was so proud of the work my team did!

How would you describe the collaborative dynamic within the Etiqa team? How do you foster innovation and cooperation among your team members?

The soul of Etiqa lies in its people. Their unparalleled expertise, unwavering dedication, and burning passion for excellence are the lifeblood of our success. Together, we've transformed challenges into triumphs, continuously adapting and growing in an ever-changing world.

What you are looking for most from the people you are working with is fair and transparent communication, having someone who can support you in the decisions you are making by providing feedback and expertise. This is what drives the everyday Etiqa team and the relationship with our clients.


How would you describe Etiqa today? What are the core values and mission guiding the company at this moment?

Etiqa stands as a leader in digital product development, driven by core values of excellence, client-centricity, innovation, transparency, teamwork, and adaptability. Its mission is to empower businesses with cutting-edge digital solutions, tailored to their unique needs while fostering lasting partnerships and navigating the dynamic tech landscape with resilience and integrity. Etiqa is committed to pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver not just software, but strategic, value-driven digital transformations.

Looking to the future, what are Etiqa's goals and aspirations in the coming years?

Looking towards the future, Etiqa is focused on several key goals and aspirations:

  1. Innovation leadership: Etiqa aims to remain at the forefront of technological advancements, continuously integrating emerging technologies and methodologies to stay ahead in the digital product development arena.
  2. Expanding market reach: Etiqa plans to broaden its footprint, venturing into new markets and industries, particularly those that are highly regulated and require sophisticated digital solutions.
  3. Enhancing Client Relationships: A core aspiration is to deepen existing client relationships and build new ones, becoming a go-to partner for companies seeking digital transformation.
  4. Team Growth and Development: Etiqa is committed to nurturing the growth of its team, investing in professional development and recruiting top talent to enrich its expertise and creativity.

Etiqa aspires to solidify its position as an innovative leader in digital product development, expand its global presence, enhance client partnerships, invest in its team, and uphold high standards of quality, sustainability, and ethics.

In summary, as we step forward into the next decade, our resolve is stronger than ever: to keep pushing the boundaries of digital product development, to elevate our standards even higher, and to deepen the trust we've earned from our clients.

But before we end this interview, I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to our incredible team, our loyal customers, and everyone who has walked this journey with us. We continue our journey of innovation, growth and excellence of the heart. Here's to the next decade and beyond!

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